The folks over at FrontTowardsGamer.Com recently spoke with Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions and published the conversation as part of their podcast. In the interview around the 1 hour and 18 minute mark, Tim mentions that more Iron Brigade content is on the way and that listeners should “stay tuned”. What could this new content be? Could it be something as major as new campaign content, or new survival mode maps? Could it possibly even be snazzy new salutes? We’re not sure what Tim and the gang are working on, but we’re excited that more Iron Brigade may be on the way.

Originally released under the name Trenched last summer, a lawsuit forced Microsoft and Double Fine to change the name of their action packed, mech centric, tower defense title to Iron Brigade. Since the name change, an expansion, Rise of the Martian Bear was released, adding several more hours of single-player campaign content as well as an all new survival mode. If you haven’t yet added the game to your collection, maybe you should take note that Iron Brigade was the recipient of our very own Game of the Year award in 2011.

Source: Front Towards Gamer