In an effort to bring more video to the site and to reinstall our community focus, we are bringing Thursday Night Streaming to the fold. Our video guru, Shawn Sarris, will be streaming live as he and I play various popular XBLA games with you: our community.

Each week, we will try to get various guests to join us along for the ride. This week, we have Roger Carpenter from Microsoft who was the XBLA producer on Minecraft. He will be with us as we dig into the game. Rumor is that he will be willing to answer some of your burning questions and that he might bring someone from 4J with him. I’ve also heard we might be tossing out some random XBLA codes during the event.

We will be playing Minecraft this Thursday from 5 PM to 7 PM EST (2PM to 4PM PST). You can watch over on our Twitch TV channel. Please subscribe and tell your friends. We’d love for a few of you guys to join us for the event and play Minecraft.

Send Cain141 a message on Thursday (about an hour before the event) if you’d like to join in on the fun.

Also, we know this event isn’t something most our west coast friends can join in on this week so we will be fluctuating the times to allow both our UK and West Coast friends to party on with XBLAFans.

If you have any questions now that you want to make sure we ask, leave them in the comments. We’d also love to know what games or guests you would like to see this summer!