During Gamescon, a representative from THQ released some optimistic news about their upcoming tie-in XBLA title for Red Faction: Armageddon.  According to a conversation between THQ and Joystiq, Battlegrounds may alternatively end up as a pre-order gift for Armageddon.  If they go through with the idea, it would be a great way to entice putting 5 dollars down on a already hot 2011 release.

“No price yet… They are talking about possible pre-order specials. It’s possible, hasn’t been finalized yet, that if you pre-order Armageddon you may be able to toss this in as well. They obviously want to keep it as low as possible.”

But, THQ also hopes to sell this game for a “cheap” 400-800 MS Points for those who just buy it from the marketplace.