We’ve had a teaser trailer and most recently the debut trailer for Telltale Games‘ upcoming adapaption of the Walking Dead comic book series, but what those videos have lacked is actual gameplay footage. With the release of the third episode (above) of their ongoing behind the scenes series, Playing Dead, Telltale have finally shown off just that.

Interspersed with an interview with Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman, the gameplay shows off what appears to be a fairly traditional point and click interface. Moving the main character, Lee Everette, appears to be a case of using an onscreen cursor to decide his next destination. Interacting with objects and other characters appears to be achieved much the same way, with multiple interactions being available in certain situations. The footage also shows there will be some quick time event-esque gameplay during especially action heavy sequences. This is illustrated in the particularly gruesome scene in the video, showing Lee bashing a zombies head in with a hammer. Showing that the series’ trademark gore will also be intact.

Kirkman also talks a lot about making players decisions have meaning, to the extent that two playthroughs could be extremely different depending on the choices made. We get a glimpse of this through some dialogue scenes, which show characters will react to the dialogue choices you make. It remains to be seen just how big an impact this will have on the story but it’s certainly an ambitious idea.

The first episode of The Walking Dead is due to hit XBLA sometime in April for 400MSP, with the following four episodes expected to hit monthly for the same price.

Source: IGN