Twisted Pixel makes a great XBLA game, but The Gunstringer will be their first foray into retail. The title will be released September 13, 2011 for $40 USD. It will launched with a free DLC titled The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, in which you fight the son of Wavy Tube Man as he uses a time machine to save his father from death. Pre-ordering the game from select retailers also gives you two tokens for a free avatar prop.

So, why are we posting this here? Simply put the game will be bundled with a code to download the Xbox Live Arcade game Fruit Ninja Kinect. Two great looking Kinect games, plus a handful of goodies, all for a budget-title price sounds like a great deal. We may have to quit playing XBLA to actually buy a retail game for once.

Source: Joystiq