In The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile players collect ghost beads that modify their stats or gameplay experience in some way. Four may be equipped at any time. While some beads are easy to find and in fact the game leads you right to them, some of them are in hidden pathways or require backtracking to find. Still some are received as rewards for playing the musical challenges from amps scattered throughout the game.

Thanks to Laorik and an anonymous commenter, the guide is now complete! All 30 beads are accounted for and contained within as well as a guide to the Bleep Bloop! achievement.

If you’re not sure whether or not to purchase The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile check out our review of it.

  1. Iffenhaus Space Prison
  2. Lunar Wastes
  3. Ömödö Crash
  4. Ömödö’s Execution
  5. The Pit
  6. Sunken Armory
  7. Hell Chambers
  8. Grim Tower
  9. Landcruiser Stadium
  10. Forstadt Lobby
  11. Aqua Marina
  12. Justice Summit
  13. The Stagnant Nightmare

Bell Bead (heavy attacks make a cowbell noise) Iffenhaus Space Prison – After the room where you acquire your blood-dash-teleport, go back on the right side of the gate and teleport up into the ceiling until you find the secret entrance (up). It’s above the arrow display.

Cross Bead (increased attack power against undead) Lunar Wastes– In the room with the arrow pointing down, instead of going down jump over to the other side and continue right. In that room will be an amp; play the amp and get the bead. (may require a certain success percentage)

Goat Bead (chance of scattering enemies with blunt-force attacks) – Ömödö Crash – Follow the arrows to the room where you’ll need to present the Ömödö Keycard. When you get to this room, run up the right wall until you find a hidden ledge and go right. There will be a present tucked away in the next room.

Squid Bead (grab attacks do more damage) – Ömödö Crash – In the really tall vent (the room right of the first timed battle) run up the right wall until you reach a ledge (right). The next room has a present.

Flower Bead (slowly regenerates health in combat) – Ömödö Execution – Immediately after the mission starts, go right and the present should show up.

Eye Bead (decreases enemy block chance) – Ömödö Execution – In the room with the force field generator (the lightning thing you smash with the Violence Hammer/Cloud Sword) run up the right wall (right). You’ll enter a small room with a timed battle- finish it then move on (right). In the next room, use any weapon with an infinite air-dash to go up to the ceiling, there will be a hole which you can go through (up). That room will have a present in it.

Heart Bead (increased chance of getting health from dead guys) – Ömödö Execution – If you go one room left from the room you got the Eye Bead in then go to the bottom of that room you’ll see an amp.

Cat Bead (faster weapon switching) The Pit – After leaving the bank room (right) go down the shaft (down) and then back into the large room where there’s now an opening in the wall. Go through that opening, then down the steps to the room on the left (left); the other rooms will be blocked off anyways. The room you enter will now have a present.

Mirror Bead (switches HUD to other side) – The Pit – Back in the room with the window that was previously not there (from start – right, down) go down one into the gigantic shaft (down). Be careful or you could miss the hidden ledge near the top of the left wall.

Pig Bead (makes food taste delicious- actual effects unknown) – The Pit – At the bottom of the long series of down-oriented progression you’ll get to a room that splits both left and right. It has large silos in it, and if you go right you’ll see the train- DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN, instead, go left. You’ll go through a linear progression of rooms back to where you fought Goreface but instead of Goreface you’ll be greeted with an amp.

Cloud Bead (increases all electrical damage dealt) The Pit – After getting off the train exit right as instructed (right) and then right once again after the battle (right). In the room after the battle go up immediately after entering the room (it’s right next to the first hanging body – up).

Bat Bead (health vampirism per attack) – The Pit – Literally right above the Cloud Bead room (over the bed) will be another room with an amp (up).

3D Bead (wear red-blue 3D glasses to see effect) – Sunken Armory – After fazing through the gate in the room with the shop-bot you’ll be in a room with an arrow telling you to go right. However, just above the right-side door is a secret passage through the ceiling (up). In that room will be a present.

Rocket Bead (increases defense against rockets) – Sunken Armory – Proceed left after getting the vault key (left) and you’ll get this bead.

Money Bead (zombies drop more gold) – Sunken Armory – Once you get the vault key return to the room with the shop-bot (the game will instruct you to do so anyways). After going through the door requiring the key, drop to the floor and then go right through the “wall” (right). There will be a present in the next room.

Crown Bead (deal more damage; take more damage) – Hell Chambers – After the level starts and you move left to the shop-bot room then follow the room to the top (right) you’ll enter a previously visited room and a 60-second battle will take place. A door leading right will open up after it ends. However, a left door will also open up (backtracking); go through that door (left) all the back way back to the train (left two more times) and in the train room will be an amp.

Wine Bead (increased attack power as health decreases) – Hell Chambers – You’ll acquire this bead after a mandatory battle near the end of the mission (after using the Tower Key).

Gun Bead (increased ranged attack power) – Grim Tower – After you get the shotgun, proceed as the map instructs (up) and you’ll come to a room that goes left, up, right, up and then left to exit the room. However, instead of going left, keep running up the right wall to find another present.

Bone Bead (increased defense against blade attacks) – Grim Tower – After getting the Gun Bead, drop back down (down) and then go right  as though you were going to leave. On that ledge there should be an amp. After you beat it the present is down below.

Hacksaw Bead (increases melee attack power) – Grim Tower – After leaving the room where you got the Roof key (right) go to the very top of the tall room with arrows pointing up, then go left at the top of the room (left). In the very next room, run up the right wall making sure to run from the bottom or you might miss the ledge (right).

Robot Bead (increased attack power against robots) – Landcruiser Stadium – You’ll see the present sitting under a staircase in the room where you have to exit super high up (right). Right as you enter the narrow corridor drop down through the narrow piece of the floor (down), then go left.

Skull Bead (increased chances of getting a skull from dead guys) – Landcruiser Stadium – After returning to the narrow corridor from where the Robot Bead was, proceed right and continue to the very far right end of the next narrow room, then drop down.

Plate Bead (increases Devourer Magic attack power) – Forstadt Lobby – Upon entering the building a battle will ensue. Simply leave the room and re-enter and a present will be sitting where before there were corpses. – Found thanks to an anonymous commenter.

Math Bead (adds combo multipliers to attack power) – Forstadt Lobby – After the lightning dragon elevator finishes, leave the elevator shaft room (left). Go up the right wall (up). Then there will be the present there.

Spider Bead (increases damage dealt by steel magic) – Aqua Marina – Leave the room the level starts in (left) and run up the right wall in the next room and exit via a small hallway on the ledge (right). Present will be in the next room.

Achievables Bead (while equipped, open any present, perform a double jump, spray any enemy with the Dekkentozter, defeat the squid boss and watch the credits for the Bleep bloop! achievement) – Aqua Marina – So this bead is quite different from the rest and involves the Bleep bloop! achievement. In the Aqua Marina level during the very first fight use combos ending with a down + X/Y to launch enemies in the air. Do this multiple times (the Shift Blade can launch into the air and continue to do so while airborne) until a cat appears on-screen. The moment this happens, pause the game. You’ll immediately be transported to a room with three of the previous bosses except with the human heads (presumably of the developers). Win this fight and a present will drop. – Found thanks to reader Laorik who understood the Mortal Kombat reference

Shield Bead (protects you a “little bit”) – Aqua Marina – In the room where you fight four zombie-shark-mechs an amp will appear after the battle.

Brain Bead (makes you smarter than everyone else- actual effects unknown) – Aqua Marina– After the first battle (red cyborgs, blue ninjas, chainsaw wielders) in a large room you’ll be prompted to go left through a hallway above; instead, keep going right at ground level (right) through an empty room (right) and then into a room requiring a pass key. That room will have a present.

Ice Bead (reduces fire damage received) Justice Summit – Run up right wall of the tall room where you fight the nearly-invisible ninjas and you’ll get to a secret ceiling passage (up).

Contrast Bead (drastically ups the contrast) Justice Summit –After climbing the second tall room with invisible ninjas (it has the heart lights in the background) you’ll come to another large room with a battle (left). After the battle run up the left wall and you’ll come to secret ceiling room (up).

(heavy attacks make a cowbell noise)