Recently, the Castle Crasher‘s leaderboards hit the 2,000,000 gamers mark, and to celebrate The Behemoth is holding a Tournament of Champions! Sounds knightly doesn’t it? But of course, ruthless competition is worth nothing without prizes- shiny prizes, especially if they have functional uses as well, right? If you agree, you’ll be glad to know the reward for first place in the tournament is a gold plated Xbox! It works too and boy is it shiny.

Second place gets a Castle Crashers themed Elite, and don’t think third will be stuck dreaming of lost riches, for they will receive… 250 squishy chickens! They’re quite useful for throwing at your friends, your parents, or your pet chicken. There are also unannounced prizes for the top 24.

The Behemoth wants to run this tournament smoothly, so to determine eligibility there’s no registration, no e-mailing, no bureaucracy. Instead, the participants for the Tournament of Champions will be the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players by noon (PST) of January 28th. That’s three weeks from today; two weeks of fireballs, bombs, ice fists and poisonous gas clouds leading up to the final week- the one that counts. After the participants are decided, the top 100 compete in 1 on 1 Arena matches in a single elimination bracket on Saturday, February 5th.

If you’re like me, Castle Crashers has rarely left your recently played games list, but if you want that ridiculously shiny Xbox, January 22nd – 28th is going to be non-stop-crashing and awesomeness against the best of the best.