And the 12 Days of XBLA promotion is finally upon us. For the next 12 days, we will be giving out some of the finest XBLA games that were released in the past year. Each day will hold two chances for you to win a specific game. There will be a chance to win here on the website and a chance to win on Twitter. So you better go follow @XBLAFans on Twitter right now if you haven’t done so already.

In order to enter the contest here at the website, you will need to check back here each day between Dec. 12th and Dec. 23rd and there will be a daily question that you will need to answer. Each contest will be a bit different to keep you all on your toes, but it wont be anything that you all can’t handle. We’re not splitting an atom here, we just want to give away some awesome games. Then every day on Twitter there will be a standard retweet contest that serves as an additional chance to win. And to sweeten the pot a little bit more, a few select games will also include some bonus DLC packs to make sure you get the whole experience.

But that’s not all we have planned. As an additional incentive to make sure you come back here to and enter each daily contest on the website, we will be giving away a grand prize that includes all 12 games and applicable DLC packs.

In order to enter for the grand prize drawing, you will need to enter the daily contest here on the site. Every day you enter a contest on the site, you will gain one entry in the grand prize drawing. So that means that if you enter the site contests on all 12 days, not only do you gain a daily entry for a single game prize, but you also earn the maximum total of 12 entries for the grand prize drawing. A valid entry must be a correct answer for each of the daily contests. But any answer, right or wrong, will still gain you an entry for the overall grand prize drawing. So even if you don’t know the answer to the daily contest, give it your best guess. Who knows, it might lead to winning the grand prize. By the way, did I mention that the grand prize is worth over $150 in value of the MSP it costs to purchase all that is included!

Each daily contest will be posted at 12PM Eastern time and will run until 11AM the next day. Daily contest winners will be announced in the proceeding day’s contest post. So make sure you check back each day to enter another contest and see if you won the previous day’s contest. The Grand prize winner will be announced on Dec. 24th at 4:00PM Eastern time. The daily Twitter contests will be anywhere 2PM and 7PM Eastern time every day and will only last 30-60 minutes each. So keep an close eye on your timelines!

Technical rules are that you are only allowed ONE entry in each daily contest here on the website and in the Twitter contest. It’s the season of giving, so lets be kind to one another and give each other a fair shot. For the site contest, be sure to have an actual email address attached to your account that you are commenting with. If you win, we will be emailing you first and you will need to send a response before we send any prize you have won. But if you wish to make this an easier process on both of us, including your Twitter name with your comment would assure a much quicker delivery of your game if you do win one.

Is there any better way to cap off a great year of XBLA games than giving a ton of them out to you guys? Let me know if you find an answer for that ;)

Day 1 contest for Dec. 12th – Winner: Yianna Paris (@mstoxique) – Prize: Mercury Hg

Day 2 contest for Dec. 13th – Winner: Elegiac_Soul (@Myzery_Clown) – Prize: Orcs Must Die!

Day 3 contest for Dec. 14th – Winner: John (@jayceeel) – Prize: Section 8: Prejudice + Frontier Colonies Map Pack

Day 4 contest for Dec. 15th – Winner: pcscarpa (@pcscarpakg) – Prize: Iron Brigade

Day 5 contest for Dec. 16th – Winner: Jeroen (@yog4st) – Prize: Ms. Splosion Man + Ms. Splosion Man table for Pinball FX2

Day 6 contest for Dec.17th – Winner: Josh Hobbs (@JoshieSquashie) – Prize: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Day 7 contest for Dec. 18th – Winner: James (@fsnsaber) – Prize: Dungeon Defenders

Day 8 contest for Dec. 19th – Winner: Drunkdaddy69 – Prize: Outland

Day 9 contest for Dec. 20th – Winner: Jeremy Bennett (@JBHuskers) – Prize: Outland

Day 10 contest for Dec. 21st – Winner: John Louie Grant (@jagamit2) – Prize: Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Day 11 contest for Dec. 22nd – Winner: David (@RoostedVulture) – Prize: From Dust

Day 12 contest for Dec. 23rd – Winner: Jonathan Caldwell (@BullDog1916) – Prize: Bastion