Xbox Live’s 2013 update is getting ready to roll out across digital dashboards worldwide, and you can sign-up now to take it for a spin. According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson, the update aims to improve overall performance and introduce purchases with local currency, rather than Microsoft Points, in preparation for the official transition.

Anyone looking to be part of the public beta can easily sign-up by finding the “Xbox 360 Beta Sign-Up” tile (pictured above) on the Home hub of your Xbox Live dashboard. Registration is open for users in all Live-enabled regions, with the exception of Japan, which will be given the opportunity at some point down the line. Space is limited, so interested parties should sign-up soon to take part.

Lastly, know that to join the beta, you’ll be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which prohibits you from sharing beta-related information in a public forum. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but in the interest of public service, know that violating the agreement means you could be barred from the beta, future betas and potentially Xbox Live until the beta ends. You’re encouraged to provide your comments and feedback in the appropriate private forum, which is only accessible to beta members.

To check out the nitty-gritty details and the fine print before you take the plunge, head on over to the Beta Program FAQ.

Source: Major Nelson via OXM