The Walking Dead Sales

Speaking to Polygon, Telltale CEO Dan Connor revealed that “anything is possible” for the second season of the studio’s hit episodic adventure game, The Walking Dead. Of particular note, Connor hinted at the possibility of further crossover between the game and the hit AMC television show set in the same universe.

“There’s nothing saying our characters couldn’t cross over with their characters at some point in the timeline,” said Connor to Polygon. “It’s a very interesting concept for us.”

Most importantly, though, Connor contended that the second season must continue to build on the strengths of the first; strengths that saw The Walking Dead top Game of the Year lists everywhere, including here at XBLAFans.

“You have to make a piece of content that is so compelling that people are waiting for it to arrive,” he said. “That was the beauty of The Walking Dead game – when an episode arrived, people put down what they were doing and played it. That was very powerful. That required a strong execution.”

That anticipation between episodes is something that Connor believes Telltale’s game shares with the television show. “A huge goal for us is what happens between episodes,” continued Connor. “How do you carry the experience through? How do you use this ability we have to keep people engaged and talking?”

Source: Polygon