Telltale’s newest series Tales from the Borderlands is coming out soon, and we mean really soon. Last night Telltale tweeted the release dates for the premiere episode, Zer0 Sum, and anxious players don’t have to wait very long. Xbox One users will be able to pick up the game tomorrow, November 26, while Xbox 360 users have to wait an extra week for December 3. The episode will cost $4.99 on either console, and the remaining four episodes can be pre-purchased with the $14.99 season pass.

Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the events of Borderlands 2, and shows what life is like on Pandora for those who aren’t face-shooting vault hunters. The series features two playable characters, Hyperion employee Rhys and con artist Fiona, as they tell the story of their unwilling partnership. Together they must face the dangers of Pandora, from bandits to vault hunters, in order to score the ultimate prize: a vault key. Check out the launch trailer after the jump, we promise it contains no Claptrap.

Source: Twitter