Awesomenauts’ Jasper Koning talks shop in this Q&A
10 years ago

Awesomenauts’ Jasper Koning talks shop in this Q&A

Awesomenauts, upcoming 2D MOBA game from Ronimo Games, is paving the way to an entirely new way to play MOBA games without abandoning all the things we love. However, with a change of dimension comes several other things. Arguably games like League of Legends are actually pretty simple to understand and can be very accessible. However, getting good, or passing the “barrier of competency”, is a very long, uphill battle requiring either tons of gameplay experience or a lot of research. Awesomenauts seeks to simplify and streamline the mechanics surrounding the depth that MOBA games are known for without removing any of it. In that effort, Ronimo Games has employed a simple, understandable and customizeable “item”, or rather upgrade, structure and shop system into Awesomenauts. How exactly that lofty goal will be achieved is, in short, explained below and after the jump.

Q: Awesomenauts features MOBA style gameplay on a 2D plane, and amongst a myriad of things featured in MOBA style games,Awesomenauts employs a shop feature. How does it work?
A: The shop in Awesomenauts is a simple 3×4 grid containing items specific to the class you’re playing. Each row of items represents a category of upgrades for a specific part of your character. The categories are as follows: special skill 1, special skill 2, shots and passives. The special skills need to be bought first, before they can be upgraded. Apart from the shop you can access during the match, there’s also a loadout system outside the game. There you can customize which 12 items will be available to you during matches. These loadouts are custom per class.