Paul Cuisset

Subject 13 review: A refreshing challenge
3 years ago

Subject 13 review: A refreshing challenge

Subject 13 is a puzzle-adventure game that begins with what appears to be an unconscious man who ran off the road, but he is mysteriously warped away. It is soon revealed that …
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E3 2011: Hands-On Preview of AMY

We hate to jinx it, but it looks like XBLA is finally getting the high quality survival horror title that we’ve all been waiting for. We took an intense hands-on tour with Lexis Numérique’s AMY at this year’s E3 in order to give you the inside skinny on this up-and-coming underdog.

First, you’ll need a run-down on the story. AMY‘s dystopian future is set in a 2034 midwestern America ravaged by some kind of comet-borne infection. You play as Lana, an infected woman that is protecting Amy: an eight-year-old autistic girl that is mysteriously immune to the infection. Naturally, Amy is being hunted by just about everyone; monsters, the military, and geneticists are all trying to get a piece of her. Read More