Alien Breed 2: Assault Review (XBLA)
12 years ago

Alien Breed 2: Assault Review (XBLA)

Alien Breed 2: Assault is the second of three downloadable games on XBLA by Team17 Software.  You don’t have to know about the first game, Alien Breed Evolution to enjoy the newest installment.  All you need is the will to survive and a deep-seated hatred for space bugs.  You will also need to put down Halo: Reach for like 5 seconds…I’ll wait.

In a seemingly deserted ghost ship, enemies can burst from any wall or hole in the ground, forcing you to constantly be on guard.  Running and gunning will serve no purpose except a quick demise.  Alien Breed is a game of ammo conservation and cautious exploration.  The entire ship is falling apart and infested with critters, so in addition to squashing bugs, you need to avoid fires, explosions, radiation, gun turrets, and other mechanical hazards.

The game draws from an earlier genre of top-down shooters, with the additional ability to switch viewing angles and smooth graphics.  While the theme may be a bit retro, the challenge is as current as can be.  It’s not breaking any new ground, but Alien Breed is giving you the bang for your buck.

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