Trouble Witches Neo to hit XBLA April 27
8 years ago

Trouble Witches Neo to hit XBLA April 27

SNK and Bouken’s upcoming title Trouble Witches Neo Episode 1 Daughters of AMALGAM has finally been priced and dated. This new title will be hitting XBLA April 27, 2011 for a MSRP of 800MSP.

Trouble Witches Neo is 2-D side scrolling shooter meant for hardcore gamers despite its cute appearance. Players have eight maid-witches to choose from, each with a little bit different handling and shooting style. One thing that will set this game apart from the rest is the ability to perform alchemy. Each witch has the ability to cast a magic barrier that transforms bullets into gold which then can be spent at the pumpkin shops to buy magic cards. Each magic card can be used to unlock a special ability to help you through you battle.

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