Over the weekend Team Meat approached Microsoft about a way to give back to their fans. Instead of doing a sale months into the games lifespan, they have decided to reward early adopters in hopes that they will spread the word and tell their friends. Based on the critical reception the game has been garnering, we anticipate this to be a brilliant move. Our own Kaitlyn Chantry described it as follows:

Very rarely does a game come along that is so fun and so hard that you alternate laughing with hurling profanities… that you insist you’ll give it “just one more try” and yet play until your hands are a crippled, arthritic mess… that you realize as you’re playing it that you are experiencing one of the finest games of our generation… that you fall in love with a squishy blob. Such a game is Super Meat Boy.

Don’t forget we are also running a Super Meat Boy contest right now where you can win one of two copies of Super Meat Boy we are giving away. But if you don’t win, Super Meat Boy will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Points until November, starting tomorrow.
Thanks Team Meat!