Like it or not, PETA knows how to gain attention.  Usually they target their publicity stunts at a large audience.  But today, they took aim at a small community of gamers.  Specifically, the niche audience of self-torturing Super Meat Boy players.

Super Tofu Boy is a Flash parody of the XBLA smash hit, Super Meat Boy.  You play as a block of Tofu trying to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from her ex-boyfriend, Super Meat Boy.  You can try or download the game at PETA’s web site right now for free.  Beware though, this game is fairly hard.  In true Super Meat Boy fashion, this game will leave you wanting to kick a puppy.  Kind of ironic, isn’t it?  Most of the difficulty comes from trying to use a keyboard as opposed to an Xbox 360 controller.  These levels would be very easy on the Xbox.

After beating Super Meat Boy, I never thought I would torture myself with a platformer this difficult again.  I guess I’m just thankful that this parody is only 10 levels.  One of which is unlocked by finding all the hidden band-aids.  Yes, there are hidden band-aids, UGHH!  Team Meat has yet to respond with their thoughts on the game, but you can bet they’ll have something to say very soon.

**EDIT: Team Meat has responded on their blog here.**