Strike Vector EX

In Strike Vector EX players will be able to use 10,000 different combinations to customize their mech-inspired ships. Whenever a game has that level of customization options, gamers understandably start to worry about the possibility of microtransactions.

It sounds like that won’t be the case with Ragequit Studios’ aerial combat game, though. Speaking to XBLA Fans at E3, a public relations representative for the game stated that it “probably” won’t have microtransactions when it releases on Xbox One later this year. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the representative informed us that Ragequit was leaning toward not having them.

Strike Vector EX is a port of the 2014’s Strike Vector for PC, which was a multiplayer-only affair. The console port features an entirely new single-player campaign and controls newly customized for gamepads instead of a keyboard and mouse.