Survivors everywhere can breathe a little easier. State of Decay will finally be getting its big update to smooth out some of the wrinkles still clinging to the title. The update, dubbed Title Update 2, will incorporate dozens of changes and fixes from graphical improvements to mission and gameplay tweaks. Though Title Update 1 never actually applied its fixes due to an issue during the publishing process, everything intended for both patches will go live in Title Update 2 starting the morning of Friday, June 28.

Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain took to their forums to relay the good news:

I’m happy to announce that Title Update 2 has cleared certification and will go live for all players worldwide starting in about 13 hours from now (Friday 09:00 UTC).

Thanks for your patience!

Those wondering exactly what’s coming to State of Decay after the patch, take a deep breath, for the list is long and full of changes. The complete list can be found on Undead Labs official Title Update thread.