Stardew Valley, the critically acclaimed farming RPG, is making its way from PC to Xbox One on December 14. The game was inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing but manages to craft its own unique sense of style and play. Players begin their journey in Stardew Valley with nothing more than a small plot of land, a few tools and a bit of money and from that starting point players are free to do what they want to discover what they are most successful at. It’s meant to be a fairly stress free environment so be sure to find duties that bring joy into the world.

Stardew Valley is now available for pre-order and will be playable on December 14. It can be pre-ordered here for $14.99. Anyone that isn’t quite sure that life on the farm is for them or anyone that can’t wait to get farming should watch Stardew Valley‘s new Xbox One trailer which can be seen below.