We’re knee-deep in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens afterglow, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Zen Studios is riding this wave and has put out a new duo of Pinball FX 2 DLC tables to accompany the new installment. One is a cold and dark homage to The First Order, the new regime that has risen from the ashes of the Galactic Empire with a design based on the interior of a Star Destroyer. The other table is bit more colorful and is designed around the desert atmosphere of Tatooine Jakku.

Here’s what I liked:

Presentation — These tables have a lot going on, but it’s never overwhelming. I particularly enjoyed the Jakku-themed The Force Awakens table because of all the little accents — from using Rey’s landspeeder as the ball Launch to incorporating the military hardware wreckage in the desert surrounding the table. The Might of the First Order table is a bit more contained but also has great features with the TIE Fighter dock and Captain Phasma. Also, kudos to Zen Studios’ choices in the voiceover work on each table; you know it’s not the original movie cast here, but they’re decent replacements who add positively to the experience.

Gameplay — There’s nothing new here, which is fine because Pinball FX 2‘s controls have always been tight; you can be frustrated if the ball falls past the bumpers, but you’ll know it’s because your reflexes just weren’t quick enough. It should be noted that ball’s image projects a ghost as it moves on the Might of the First Order table when your Star Destroyer jumps to lightspeed and displays the stars bending in the signature Star Wars animation in the background. It’s noticeable, but the sequence only lasts a few seconds and doesn’t hinder the pace.


Here’s what I didn’t like:

Variety — Zen Studios generally puts out larger quantities of tables under a certain theme, but that is sadly not the case here. To be fair, their DLC pinball table bundles in the past were based off material from multiple films at a time, whereas this is just from the seventh film in the franchise. Only two tables from a film robust with new characters and locations seems like a lost opportunity, but it’s likely that there were strict instructions from Disney regarding what Zen could and could not delve into in order to avoid spoiling the film.


These new Star Wars tables are enjoyable with lots of the little features and accents you expect from Zen. The duo of new Star Wars The Force Awakens Pinball tables will set you back a paltry $5. If you enjoy pinball and Star Wars, this DLC is highly recommended.

Verdict: Buy It

Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens was developed by Zen Studios. It will release on January 12, 2015 for $4.99. A copy was provided by Zen for review purposes.