SMITE for Xbox One

We post our streaming schedule each week, however, we’d like to start highlighting at least one of our more unique streams each week. Join us Tuesday from 10PM EST to 2AM EST for a Smite overview and in depth look at each of the starter gods (Ymir, Neith, Thor, Guan Yu and Ra). We will go over everything you need to know as a new player to get started, as well as breaking down some of the jargon you will hear if you watch pro matches or high elo PC streamers.

We will be streaming for people with no MOBA experience working our way to build the basic foundation you need to succeed.  We will go over basic strategies for both Arena and Conquest, as well as helping you know what your role is in an Arena/Conquest match for your specific character so that you can help the team win. We will give you basic item builds and let you know the key combos you need to hit. We may even touch on some more nuanced points once we’ve had time to cover the basics. If you have any questions during the stream feel free to interject and we will try to back up and explain things.

For those of you who can’t make the stream feel free to bookmark this page, and we will edit the VOD in on Wednesday.  Join us every Tuesday at 10PM EST for Smite action on Twitch.