The free-to-play 3rd person action MOBA Smite is coming to Xbox One in 2015. Developer Hi-Rez studios launched Smite in 2014 and already has an astounding 5 million players on the PC. In the past, MOBA games have generally been from an isometric viewpoint, the 3rd person view allows for the controller to feel more natural. “As a third-person action game, SMITE is perfectly suited for the Xbox One controller”, said Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox for Microsoft.

Smite characters are themed and styled after Gods of Mythology, with new gods being injected into the game regularly. The game play is fast paced, very action oriented, and includes multiple game types. The PC version of Smite includes an in-game Twitch console for both streaming and watching Smite games. If this type of functionality is available on the console it could set a new standard for streaming applications within games on the Xbox One.

Source: Gamescom 2014