In an effort to continue growing the popular game Skullgirls, the developers have set yet another stretch goal. Lab Zero Game’s CEO Peter Bartholow confirmed to XBLAFans via e-mail that they have added a fourth character to their donation stretch goals. Originally, the developer added a mystery character as incentive, which was revealed to be Robo-Fortune. The threshold for Robo-Fortune is $725,000, and at the time of this article being published. Robo-Fortune is a character inspired by Robo-Ky, and will recycle the frames of Ms. Fortune. “With that money, we should be able to redraw her head and give her some new moves and animations too,” Bartholow stated.

With donations currently at $718,483 with 12 hours left to go to donate, the DLC is expected to reach that goal. Lab Zero Games has also added a fourth mystery character as incentive. If they manage to reach $825,000, the mysterious character will be created, and at $850,000, they will create a story mode and stage surrounding the mysterious character.

The first and second DLC characters, Squigly and Big Band, were funded in less than 24 hours by backers. Due to the success, the developers continued to add stages and stories around the characters. Bartholow was encouraged by the amount of backers that they had throughout the course, and continued to give the fans more. “I added the fourth character when it became clear we’d get a third,” said Bartholow. “I don’t expect we’ll get that, but I never thought we’d get two characters, let alone three.”

In addition to confirming the added DLC goals, Bartholow also stated that after months of inactivity, Lab Zero Games has made progress on the patch for XBLA version. “We overcame the bureaucratic obstacles that had stalled it since January, and it’s in testing at Konami now.”

Update: 4:55pm EST: We have just gotten word that donations have topped $725,000. Lab Zero Games has now set the goal for $750,000 to add a stage and  story mode for Robo-Fortune. There is currently 10 hours left to donate for the game.

Update: 11:00pm EST: With four hours to go, the funds have reached $775,000. With the stage and story mode for Robo-Fortune goal surpassed, the next threshold will be for $825,000 for the fourth DLC and second mystery character.

Nick Santangelo contributed reporting to this article