Signal Studios announced a new sequel to the RTS/Third-person shooter hit Toy Soldiers today. Entitled Toy Soldiers: Cold War the game is set in the 1980s. While the original game focused on old generic tin toys Cold War looks to parody the GI Joe toys of the 80s. It’ll be shown at PAX East, so be sure to stop by Signal’s booth and give it a whirl. See the trailer below and a list of features after the jump.

Source and images courtesy of Signal Studios

New Co-op Mode: Join forces with your friends and play on the couch or over Xbox LIVE in Campaign or Survival modes.

Modern Drivable Units: Hulking battle tanks, fierce attack helicopters, explosive fighter jets, ATVs and more!

Attack Barrages: Expanded barrage rewards, including First Person Special Forces soldiers, AC-130 gun ships, B-52 bombers, Artillery strikes and Nuke missiles.

Intensely Addictive Mini-Games! Take a break from the main battle and compete with friends online to rack up the high score in playful mini-games. Hidden challenges in each level encourage replayability and reward player skill.

New Secondary Turret Features: Grenade launchers, cluster bombs, scopes, missile locks, tactical vision, Overcharge Mode and more!

Additional Unit Trees: Take down the enemy with WD-40 flame throwers, fireworks, and bug spray!

Improved: Replayability is improved with Checkpoint Rewind; new and sophisticated driving physics; revamped dynamic destructible environments; new enemy wave
behaviors and AI.