In our recent interview with Shank 2‘s Jamie Cheng, he pointed out that Karina isn’t just the character icon next to Shank’s in the Survival multiplayer. Roughly half the character skins unlockable in Survival Multiplayer, of which there are a total of 16, are Karina characters and the other half are Shank. Shank-alikes play like Shank with his weaponry but have different stats, same with Karina’s. In fact, some of Karina’s weaponry won’t even be usable in the single player at all (since you don’t play as Karina),  so the only way to experience it is to play as Karina. This is pretty awesome news, hopefully it will encourage people to play the multiplayer and try out Karina’s gameplay.

There’s plenty more info in the interview and we encourage all fans of Shank 2 to listen to it, but for those wondering the costumes for the multiplayer (for Shank characters) are usable in single player, but they do not provide stat differences. Speaking of Shank characters, here’s one Klei just unveiled:

Here are his character stats:


  • +10% Ranged attack damage
  • +15% Shank damage


  • -10% Health
  • -30% Grapple attack damage