We’ve been told that the recently-announced Shank 2 will feature full co-op support, but now we get to see it in action. Players will have to guard ammo stashes through waves upon waves of enemies, including bosses. You’ll get to choose a character from what looks like a long list of them. The bad guys will try to blow up the ammo with explosive charges, so you’ll have to put out the fuse if they ever rig the explosives. If you get knocked out, hopefully you can rely on your partner to revive you. If you want to see it in action, check out Kotaku’s video here.

And then there’s single player, which you can see here. Shank is thrown back into his violent ways when the people he loves are in danger. A town is about to be burned down by some thugs, so it’s up to Shank to take care of them in the bloodiest way possible. Fans of the first game may notice the improved graphics and animations. Shank has also learned the ability to pick up weapons dropped by his enemies. If this gameplay has left you eager to play the game, you can pick up Shank 2 when it releases early 2012.