Stabbing, slicing, and dare I say shanking! That’s what Shank 2 is all about and we’ve got it all here for you. There are plenty of medals attached to this game, some of which are achievements and some of which aren’t and we guided the ones that aren’t painfully obvious. Included here is a complete guide to the collectibles (including the kitchen sink), survival and the character costume unlocks.

While the characters page has been up for a while, do check out our video coverage of the collectibles and each of the different survival levels. Unfortunately, Todd lost his save file and as such no longer has his characters for the survival mode, but the strategy is there and that’s what counts. Also Shawn’s commentary, that’s always fun.

Survival Guide

Down on the Farm Video

Bombed Church Video

I’m on a Boat Video

Collectibles and the Kitchen SinkVideo

Character Unlocks