Telltale Games is no stranger to making games based on comic book properties, whose successes include their Sam & Max series to last year’s hit The Walking Dead. This summer they will release their take on Bill Willingham’s Fables universe in The Wolf Among Us. The first screenshots of the game have been released, staying true source material with cell-shaded graphics that give a strong comic vibe.

The Wolf Among Us will take place before the events of the Fables series. Players will control Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City that is home to exiled fairy tale characters. He’s trying to leave behind his past as the Big Bad Wolf, tasked to protect his fellow mythical creatures and keep them a secret to the outside world. He’ll interact with many characters from the comics, including Snow White and a chain-smoking member of the Three Little Pigs. The Wolf Among Us is coming to XBLA this summer.