Square Enix has announces that TikGames’ upcoming platformer Scarygirl will be launching on Xbox Live Arcade in just a few short weeks on January 18th. Based on the increasingly popular Scarygirl graphic novel, players take control of an abandoned child (who’s dressed like a pirate) with a tentacle arm who is seeking a mysterious man haunting her dreams.

Wielding her tentacle as a weapon and with animal companions that will come to her aid throughout the adventure, the Scarygirl game serves as its own entry in the franchise separate from the events of the graphic novel and upcoming feature film. Promising a deep and enthralling world, wondrous art, a combat system filled with upgrades, and local co-op to shake things up, Scarygirl beckons to be one of the most unique games we’ve seen so far this year. Pricing information is not yet available, but be sure to stay right here with us for this news and more. Thanks to our friend @lifelower for the tip.