We previously reported on a tip from an industry source that Warner Bros was working on a Batman game for XBLA, titled Batman: Impostors possibly based on the comic of the same name. Well some new information has come to light which gives more credence to the rumor.

Superannuation, a site famous for finding domain name registrations pointing to new game projects, has tweeted that Warner Bros has been busy registering some new Batman domains. Among them are BatmanImposters.com and BatmanImpostors.com, which is of course the name of the XBLA game we previously reported on. A quick note that both spellings of imposter are correct and in fact the comic we referenced before spells it impostor.

We still don’t have any actual confirmation or details on the game but the registration of these domains certainly points to the games existence and possible release in the near future.

The domains are also being routed through Turbine (owned by Warner Bros) this could mean the developer is working on the game but it could as just as easily be for any of many unrelated reasons.

Source: Superannuation via VG24/7