February’s update for Rocket League is going to deliver a big shake-up to the way the game’s played through a brand new playlist. Titled Rocket Lab, this playlist will feature prototype stages which will use a default virtual reality tile set. These maps will be really different from what’s been in the game before and will act as a way for Developer Psyonix to test the water for new ideas. Using the community’s feedback, they’ll decide which arenas will be polished up with new art and put into competitive playlists.

Rocket Lab will start out with three maps, each providing a unique spin on the game. Underpass features elevated tracks, Utopia Retro is completely circular and Double Goal has, well, two goal openings. Rocket Labs will continuously be supported with new maps which will be released as they’re created.

This month’s update isn’t the only big change for Rocket League, as this will also be the month it finally reaches the Xbox One. Psyonix recently gave an update on the port’s release, estimating a release in mid February. The Xbox One release will include console-exclusive content, including vehicles and customization items based Gears of War, Halo and Sunset Overdrive.

Source: GameSpot