Harmonix have announced some changes to the in-game coin rewards for Rock Band Blitz following player feedback. Coins are spent on the game’s power-ups which are required to earn a high score, however often the coins rewarded for completion were much less than what you actually had to spend. The changes, which are now live, have been made server side so there’s no need to download any updates. Here’s what’s new:

Cost of Power-ups:

  • Overdrive Power-ups: 250 coins per use
  • Note Power-ups: 200 coins per use.
  • Track Power-ups: 100 coins per use.
  • (note: it now only costs 550 coins for a full Power-up loadout!)

Song Performance Coin Rewards:

  • At the end of a song, you now get 100 Coins per Star across the board.

Score Wars:

  • Winners of Score Wars will now be receiving 1500 coins at completion.
  • Losers of Score Wars will now be receiving 500 coins at completion.

Source: Rock Band Forums