Developer Robomodo has kicked off a unique fundraising campaign for its upcoming Kinect enabled human pinball simulator Bodoink. Utilizing Kickstarter, Robomodo is seeking donations from the gaming community to help pay for the final stages of development for the game. Once the game is complete, Robomodo will seek a publishing partner, and the game will make its way onto Xbox Live Arcade. To make this happen however, Robomodo needs you to pitch in and help! How else are you going to import you Xbox Live avatar and abuse it by bouncing it around screen? Check out the video above for footage of Bodoink in action, and a message from Robomodo President Josh Tsui. This is a really unique opportunity for the XBLA community to get involved and help an XBLA game get made. We sincerely hope you can get involved. Thanks to 1up for the use of their video and remember to stay tuned for more news and updates on Bodoink right here at XBLAFans.

Source: Kickstarter and 1up