Portal: Still Alive was developed by Valve and published by Microsoft. Portal was released November 22, 2008 and cost 1200MSP.

In Portal you are a subject in a test study; not by choice. You are given a ‘portal gun’ and forced to defy the laws of physics in order to escape each test room. Equipped with just the ‘portal gun’ and your wits, it is your task to figure out how to avoid all the obstacles that stands in your way.

Here’s what we liked:

The computer – GLaDoS is your only friend through out this adventure. She will talk to you throughout the whole experiment, letting you know how much she cares and loves you. GLaDoS is one of the most sarcastic, sadistic, funniest computers you will ever meet. No matter what she asks of you or tells you just remember, the cake is a lie.

Level, levels and more levels – Portal has levels galore; 14 bonus levels and 19 levels strung together to make up the story mode. Each level is uniquely designed, forcing you to rethink how physics and your mind work. No matter how many blocks you use, portals you shoot or turrets you dodge, each level feels new and fresh.

Challenges – Besides story mode, Portal also offers challenge mode. In challenge mode you are pitted against the clock; you earn medals depending on how fast you finish. These challenges add a whole new aspect to the game; forcing you to not only figure out how to complete the levels, but how to do this quickly.

Achievements – The list here is great and very fun to accomplish, making you constantly think about how you play. Valve really put out an effort to make sure that as you play through, you would constantly be on the search for new places to port to and get in. On top of this, they connected some of the bad boys to those to challenges, forcing you to really learn this game and be a ‘perfect porter’.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Coloring – One of the few downsides to this game is it’s rather drab color palette. Most of the game is either some shade of gray or brown, with just a slight splash of more colors here and there.

Final level – This level is just not what was to be expected. There are twist and turns at every corner, which is to be expected and should be appreciated. Not this time though; it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the game and feels like it should be over, long before it really is.

Well, with only having two minor flaws with the game, it is obvious which category this one goes in. At 1200msp it may feel like you should stay away (which is true to many times) , not this time my friends. Physics twisting puzzles, over 20 levels, challenge mode and a sinister computer how can you go wrong. Oh and if that isn’t enough, there’s cake too!

Score: BUY IT!