Not content with simply crafting an experience which the team believes there isn’t “anything quite like” on XBLA, Remedy Entertainment’s CEO, Matias Myllyrinne, informed Joystiq yesterday that his team is likely to deliver more content for the franchise onto Microsoft’s downloadable platform. Furthermore, even if Al doesn’t get another at the XBLA scene after American Nightmare releases later this month, Remedy will “certainly continue with Wake” in some way or another, according to the Myllyrinne.

Remedy’s top dog affirmed that his company enjoys full in-house ownership of the IP, which is why they are able to develop future content for it at will. His team wants to keep fans happy with future content for their franchise because he believes that tends to be “the good business move” in addition to putting smiles on gamers’ faces.

“Hopefully, we’ll have one or two surprises,” Myllrinne responded when questioned about what fans can look forward to on the Alan Wake front. “I don’t know, I’m loving the digital [distribution] side and we’ll see how that evolves, but just being able to give people quick access to bite-size chunks of gaming is maybe more fun than working for years and years — taking the phone offline and closing the shutters — at least, this way, you’re able to react much more quickly to people’s desires and wishes.”

Source: Joystiq