Raptr had been around for quite sometime now, giving the gaming community their own social network. One of the unique things about Raptr is that it tracks what you are playing and, keeps personal stats for you like; total hours played or achievements wise, how you rank amongst your friends.

Another great feature of Raptr is the ‘IM’ client, connecting you to almost every major social network. From just one application you can chat through; Yahoo!, Google, AIM, MySpace, or even Facebook. Raptr also allows you to communicate with people through in game chats, on Xbox Live or PSN; which is a feature that hasn’t really been used by any other client.

“At Raptr we’re reinventing the way people stay connected and informed about the games they care about”, said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “We’re excited by the launch of the new community-driven website because it builds upon the success of our existing service and provides a new way to discover and share content.”

With this most recent update; Raptr has launched a social news platform geared directly at each individual gamer. Instead of just force feeding all the gaming news down your throat, Raptr uses the info it collects from your gamertag and hand picks what to show you. It takes into consideration the hours you have spent on games, most recent played and most popular genre. Not only is Raptr using your info to bring you news, but it uses your friends info as well. Raptr assumes that if they are on your friends list, you must have common interest of some sort, making suggestions for you based on there gamercards, news like and submissions.

Fulle feature list:

  • Personalized news feed
  • Community-curated content
  • Expanded topics to include all things related to gaming
  • Suggestion engine to help you discover new games
  • Automatic gameplay and achievements tracker on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Centralized buddy list and friend tracker
  • In-game chat and web browsing for PC games

You can download the Raptr client from here