The more we read about it, the more adorable and quirky Kim Swift’s upcoming Quantum Conundrum sounds like wacky fun. In an exclusive interview with Joystiq, she revealed more details on what to expect with her upcoming title with Airtight Games. Of the five dimensions, only four have been revealed with normal, fluffy, slo-mo, reverse-gravity and the last dimension being revealed at GDC but it’s most likely not Dimension X. Swift also had this to say about the game’s narrative and gameplay:

“I like having a narrative there; it helps to drive players through, it gives them a purpose, a reason to keep going. That feeling of wanting to know what happens next. Do I get to find my uncle? Do I figure out what happened to him? Am I able to figure out how to get out of this place? I find that giving players a story motivation helps them keep going and feel engaged.”

Quantum Conundrum is scheduled for a summer release and Swift “wouldn’t be surprised” if DLC was coming to the game.