Quantum Conundrum has been released into the wild and we definitely liked it but the end left more to be desired. Fortunately, Airtight Games have been working on DLC since the Steam release alluded to such with their season pass. Square Enix has now given these two DLC packs names and dates for their release in the incoming months on XBLA.

Starting off on August 15, the first pack released is entitled The Desmond Debacle. You’ll enter a new wing of the mansion with puzzles focusing around the drinking bird, Desmond. The second pack being released on September 12 has a much more hilarious title with IKE-aramba! where you find yet again, a new wing of the manor. But this time you’ll be entrusted with saving the professor’s assistant, Ike. Both will retail for $2.99 which translated into MSP would be 240 MSP each. No word yet how long these puzzles will be or if achievements will be tied to them but we’ll keep you updated on anything regarding these upcoming packs. Quantum Conundrum is available now for 1200 MSP.