From February to August of last year we ran a weekly segment called Trials HD Tuesday. We showcased one user-created track each Tuesday along with information on how to acquire it and our best time on the track. With Trials Evolution coming on April 18 we’re resurrecting the feature as simply Trials Tuesday. Heh, we thought there wasn’t a lot of reader interest, but we’ve had some questions about it returning from fans and even RedLynx.

The general format will remain the same. For the next two Tuesdays we’ll feature Trials HD tracks. Following the release of Trials Evolution we’ll shift the majority of our focus there. We hope to feature a Trials HD course monthly. We’re hoping to post at least one Trials Evolution track every week and to feature a tutorial at least once a month as well. We’d also love to hear your suggestions on tracks to showcase.

Get your helmet on gang, it’s time to ride.