Did you pick up any of our XBLA Fans swag when we launched our range of avatar leisure wear? If so then why not join us for a game of Full House Poker to celebrate, for XBLA Fans will be taking part in a Community Playdate along with some other top gaming communities like Destructoid, Xbox Addict, and Platform Nation. On August 17 from 8-11 PM ET (5-8 PM PT) our very own Editor-In-Chief, John Laster and Guide Co-ordinator, Todd Schlickbernd will be upping the ante and reeling in the fish to find out who really is the biggest shark in XBLA. If you want to join us then send off a friend request to Cain141 or Emessai or one of the other community gamer tags listed here. Good Luck and watch out for pocket rockets.