Zen Studios has delayed the release of Pinball FX2 for the Xbox One to implement the ability to transfer owned tables from the Xbox 360 onto the new console. The change comes from a plethora of feedback in which the community voiced their frustration with not being able to transfer tables they may have already purchased on the Xbox 360 version. Zen Studios happens to be in the minority of studios willing to listen and adapt based on customer feedback, and released the following statement about adding the transfer option:

“this process will take a bit more development time for the game, Pinball FX2 version of Xbox One will see a slight delay from its original release date this week to next month. We apologize to any fans affected by this delay, but we pledge to make it up to you by incorporating this highly desired feature.”

It is a rare occurrence that a developer listen to feedback prior to release and delay shipping the game until they have solved a major issue such as this. Zen Studios should be commended on responding to the community in such a positive manner.

Source: Major Nelson