Coming to Pinball FX2 on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One next week is the Iron & Steel Pack. This pack will include two new tables: CastleStorm, based on another popular Zen Studios game, and Wild West Rampage, a completely original table with a (obviously) western theme. Also, in preparation for the release on Xbox 360, Zen Studios has released a massive title update that just might convince current Xbox One players to dust off their 360s for a revisit to a classic game.


Along with bumpers, flippers and balls this table also features fire-breathing dragons, armored trolls and what else but a very charming donkey. Many single and multiball modes will have you teaming up with Sir Gareth and protecting the pinball kingdom from the Vikings and their leader, Chief Ramhorn.


In the Wild West Rampage table you play Cindy, a bounty hunter who has just rolled in to town with a bone to pick with the local Sheriff. From a six-shooter ball locker to duels with the Sheriff’s posse to an actual 3D steam engine rolling down the tracks, the Wild West Rampage table has everything you would expect to see back in the real Old West.

The Iron & Steel Pack will release on Xbox 360 next Wednesday, February 25. The Xbox One will receive the tables the next day, Thursday, February 26. As always, your best bet may be buying the pack on the Xbox 360 first; not only to play the tables a day early, but also because the tables will import to the Xbox One version for free. Whichever console you purchase the Iron & Steel Pack on it will be priced at $4.99.

As mentioned, the Xbox 360 version of Pinball FX2 received a major update fixing a lot of issues on certain tables. This update also changed the look of the My Collection screen. Below is the full list of changes that the recently released title update brings to Xbox 360 version of Pinball FX2:

  • Table icons are now grouped into brand collections and the general presentation has been revised on the My Collection screen,
  • Fixed the leaderboard handling of the Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi table, so that challenges on this table will now work correctly, and scores are properly reflected on the leadeboards,
  • Fixed an issue on the Star Wars: Masters of the Force table, that may have caused the ball get stuck occasionally in the upper left bumper, completely failing a game session. A game restart was required to reset.
  • Fixed an issue on the Star Wars: Masters of the Force table, where both the active and captive balls could get stuck under the Sith Holocron pyramid. This issue also required a game restart to reset.
  • Fixed an issue on the Deadpool table, where Deadpool may have stuck at the mini pinball table, blocking the game to progress – a game restart was required to reset.
  • Fixed an issue on the Ms. Splosion Man table, where the “Sploded!” achievement was not granted if the player acquired more than the required 100 splodes.
  • Fixed an issue on the South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball table, where the ball may have not returned after completing main missions.
  • Fixed an issue on the Excalibur table, where game progression may have stopped after a multiball – a game restart was needed to reset.
  • Fixed an issue on the Fear Itself table, where the game may have hanged up if a character animation was interrupted in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue on the Marvel’s The Avengers table, where Thor’s ball could occasionally get stuck if drained during a multiball.
  • Fixed an issue on the Paranormal table, where the flippers may got locked during a restarted the Levitation mode.