If you’ve ever played R.C. Pro-Am, Micro Machines or Pixeljunk Racers, you’re familiar with  top-down racering. Bang Bang Racing from Digital Reality looks to continue that tradition while adding a little more in terms of gameplay.

Going through the demo, you’ll have a choice of all varieties of racers, from better handling to more nitrous to acceleration. It had some pretty standard racing stuff with some neat looking tracks. Nothing too amazing but nothing too boring either.

We got into the actual racing and you’re reminded of the classic top-down racers of yore. Digital Reality hasn’t changed much with the formula but adding the ability to rotate the camera while driving is pretty cool. A little nauseating to get used to at first but maybe that was because of the sharp turns on the track.

It does show that even if some racers like Wrecked: Revenge Revisted can be not-so-great experiences albeit with retro sensibilities but Bang Bang Racing at least fares much better. It feels like playing the racing games with gigantic wheels in bowling alleys and arcades. The hope is that the community stays since this could be a fun little racer for large communities.

Bang Bang Racing is slated for a summer release.

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