Over the past few weeks several games have passed Microsoft’s certification process, the last milestone developers must complete before negotiating a release with their publisher and Microsoft. We’re only going to list those games that don’t have a street date yet. There could be several reasons for lack of a release date: waiting for certification on another platform, the possibility of the game being part of a future promotion, etc. The good news is that passing cert means that development is done. At this point something catastrophic would have to happen for these games not to be released in due time.

Rock Band Blitz passed late last month and is due for a release sometime in the fall. It features gameplay akin to Amplitude and Frequency, two Harmonix games from their pre-Guitar Hero and Rock Band days. The game will be able to play all your downloadable content (though sadly not your on-disc Rock Band 3 content). Its 25 included songs can also be exported to Rock Band 3 for play.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, a demented platformer about a dead rabbit back for revenge, joined the passed cert club the same day. Be sure to check out the trailer and our E3 preview of the game. The final title to pass without a definite release date is Red Johnson’s Chronicles: Episode 1 – One Against All. It’s described as an “investigation/adventure and puzzle game”. It was released on the PlayStation 3 last year, and you can find a decent amount of gameplay footage on YouTube. We’re not going to embed the videos here. They’ve got PS3 controller icons in them, and that would be–you know–all wrong and stuff.

Source: @XBLAReleases