tinyBuild Games and Pinokl Games announced today that their “tongue-in-cheek party murder simulator,” Party Hard, will be coming to the Xbox One this spring.

In this top-down game, you’re awoken at 3am by your neighbors who are having an all out rager. So you do what any sane, rational person would do — kill them all. The goal of the game is to stab and kill as many people as you can at the party without getting caught. Hide behind bushes, cause distractions with explosions, call in backup — do whatever it takes to kill all those rude partiers.

Party Hard features 19 levels, unlockable characters and special random events that will help you end the party such as law enforcement officials or a killer bear on the loose. The Xbox One version will also include the “After-Party DLC.”

For players that stream the game on Twitch, their viewers can enter in commands and vote on things such as Sharknados, aliens, SWAT teams and more to help change the course of the game.