Update: Monolith has confirmed via Twitter that the downloadable content currently available on the Xbox Marketplace will also be available to unlock in-game:

“You can still unlock the stuff as you did in the beta, but you can also purchase. Your choice!”

Also confirmed, none of the pieces will impact on gameplay:

“It’s cosmetics. Costumes and calling cards don’t affect gameplay”

Original story: Over 100 pieces of downloadable content for Monolith Production’s online shooter Gotham City Impostors have been made available on the Xbox Marketplace ahead of its launch tomorrow.

Each slice of the DLC, which consists almost entirely of individual costume pieces, will set you back in the range of 80 to 320 Microsoft Points. At the higher end of the spectrum, 320 MSP could score you some Tighty-Crimefighter pants. Strapped for cash? Goon pruning Batman gloves go for 80 MSP. A complete Joker costume consisting of hair, face-paint, shirt, trousers, shoes and gloves will fetch upward of 600 MSP.

The sudden surge of DLC will no doubt ruffle some feathers. Premium clothing is commonplace in free-to-play games (it’s a staple of Team Fortress 2, for example), but Gotham City Impostors carries a 1200 MSP price-tag. Just how deep the in-game character customisation runs in the full game remains to be seen, although reports from those who have played the beta suggest these items will be available as part of natural player progression.

Gotham City Impostors launches tomorrow on XBLA and will run you 1200 Microsoft Points.