Orc Warrior – Single-minded brute who heads for the rift: These guys are easily dispatched and distracted, if you stay close they will focus on you and not the rift.

Crossbow Orc – Shoots crossbow bolts at you and your minions: A little harder to kill then the normal orc, they will move forward attacking you until you are out of shots range and then turn and head straight for the rift

Kobold Runner – Fast Enemy who sprints for the rift: Distracted by nothing, it is best to use your sword at close range to handle these guys or they will get away quickly

Ogre – Takes lots of punishment; counts for 5 rift points: Large and slow these powerhouses take a lot to die, but can be tricked into following you around as long as you need. Be careful of his swing, it will daze you for a few seconds if it makes contacts.

Hellbat – Flying enemy that avoids floor traps: These enemies don’t move fast and die easily, just make sure not to forget about them or they will kill your rift points

Gnoll Hunter – Tough; hunts down war mages: Fully armored, making your crossbow useless, just pull out the sword and swing away. These are not to be worried about until they reach you as they will not attack the rift. Be careful, their attacks can cause a slowing poison.

Fire Ogre – Hard to kill; immune to fire; counts for 5 rift points: These guys are just like ogres, but they’re super susceptible to ice attacks.

Fire Babies – Smaller than the hellbats, but can be more of a problem if hit by their attacks all at once. Luckily, they’re just as susceptible to ice.

Kobold Sapper – Fast enemy who tries to blow up warmages and guardians: They run straight for blockades, guardians, or the player in that order. If attacked before getting separated, they’ll all blow up in a line.

Frost Ogre – Hard to kill; immune to ice, counts for 5 rift points: These guys are just like ogres, but they’re super susceptible to fire attacks.

Hobgoblin Shaman – These guys will revive any fallen comrades around them (though they can’t do it constantly). Be careful when they show up with Gnoll Hunters or Ogres, they can revive them too.

Armored Ogre – Takes ton of punishment; counts for 10 rift points: These guys are just like ogres, but they’ve got even more health, so wail on them twice as hard!