New trap

Steam Trap


Orc Warrior
Crossbow Orc
Kobold Runner

General survival skills

  • Staying near spawn B will allow you access to everyone
  • Archers will help control your hellbat problem
  • Using spring traps, always face them towards spawn A so they either, go off the edge or backwards on the map
  • Use arrow walls along path A will help weaken enemies before they reach you
  • Blade walls in the corridor of B will eliminate a large amount of enemies before they make it out

Five skull guide


  1. [A] orc, orc
  2. [A] orc, hellbat, archer, hellbat, orc, hellbat
  3. [A] kobold, orc, kobold
  4. Go Break

  5. [A] hellbat, hellbat [B] orc, orc
  6. [A] kobold, orc, kobold [B] orc, orc
  7. [B] orc, archer [A] archer, archer
  8. Go Break

  9. [A] orc, hellbat, hellbat, archer, hellbat [B] archer, orc, archer
  10. [A] ogre, kobold [B] orc, archer
  11. [A] orc, hellbat, archer, hellbat, hellbat [B] ogre, kobold

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