OlliOlli developer Roll7 is bringing two of their newest games to Xbox One thanks to their newly-announced partnership with Team17. Both OlliOlli2 and Not a Hero will make their way to the console later this year. Each title will include brand new definitive edition content.

OlliOlli2: XL Edition takes the sidescrolling skateboarding gameplay from the original and cranks it up with new stunts and combo system improvements. Skate through five new worlds to conquer 50 amateur and pro levels and 250 challenges. This definitive edition comes with the highly-requested new FreeSkate mode, allowing you to practice your moves across five new levels.

Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition is a cover-based sidescrolling shooter soaked in blood and politics. You play as a gang of assassins hired by mayoral candidate BunnyLord to clean up the city. Use each character’s unique abilities to take out crime and win the votes of the constituents. This version will include the exclusive Me, Myself and BunnyLord content which lets you play as Bunnylord through three brand new levels.